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10 Gift Ideas for the Geeks in Your Life

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this year I'm hoping to get a head start. By the time Christmas comes around I will have a newborn, and probably won't be getting any sleep. Even if you're not expecting, we all know the holidays can be a hectic time. To help you get your holiday shopping started, I've put together a gift guide full of geeky gifts from small businesses! Not only will you brighten someone's day with a unique gift they can't find anywhere else, but you'll also be making a small business owner do a happy dance this season!

For The Adventure Zone Listener

One of the best parts about getting gifts for geeks is getting to tap into their really specific interests! Do you know someone who loves The Adventure Zone and a nice cuppa? This Taako Tea from Tabletop Teas is a perfect gift to really surprise someone! The maker, Tanya, also has teas inspired by Merle, Magnus, and even Kravitz. The Taako blend is my favorite because there is something I just love about a loose leaf tea having added little sprinkles in it. So magical! Price: $7.00-$12.00


For the Gamer

How cute and creative is this Pac-Man necklace by AlterEgo Designs? It's sure to delight the retro gamer in your life. My favorite part is the little "power pellet" beads that add just the right blend of elegant and geeky! Check out the rest of her shop for more handmade jewelry, plushie "blockheads", and custom dolls.

Price: $17.00


For the Stranger Things Fan

We all know someone who can't get enough Stranger Things! I love the retro style of this "Friends Don't Lie" ringer shirt by Wilde Designs. It's also one of those great pieces of clothing where you'll only "get it" if you're in the know, so you can seek out fellow fans. The rest of her shop is filled with a large variety of unique handmade jewelry, artwork, and other goodies, so you have a lot to choose from!

Price: $22.50-$24.50


For the Rick and Morty Addict

I can't look at this Mr. Meeseeks poppet without giggling! I think any Rick and Morty fan will feel the same, making this a wonderful gift to make someone's day. Freak and Pocky also has a ton of other adorable poppets inspired by different fandoms, so you can pick the perfect poppet for everyone on your list.

Price: $20.00


For the casual paleontologist (aka cute dinosaur admirers)

I think it's pretty obvious I'm a fan of dinosaurs, which is why I squealed when I saw these adorable stickers by Hello Quirky. They are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves dinosaurs! Do you sew, or know someone who does? The artist, Shawna, also has a fabric featuring these cute watercolor dinosaurs!

Price: $5.00


For the Dungeons & Dragons Player

Two of my favorite parts of Dungeons & Dragons are the dice, and of course the DRAGONS! This adorable hand-sculpted dragon by Wicked Winglings makes a wonderfully unique gift for any D&D player. She has a large variety of different dragons you can adopt from her shop (some with dice, some without), which are sure to delight any dragon fan!

Price: $70.00


For the Supernatural Family

You know how passionate Supernatural fans are about their fandom! Help them show it off with these hilarious coasters made by Sew Geek. I can't think of a coaster more perfect for the car. If you are looking for more Supernatural goodies, she also has t-shirts, mugs, and jewelry.

Price: $18.00


For the Unicorn Lover

Okay, maybe unicorns aren't strictly geeky, but I couldn't pass up featuring this hilarious and colorful unicorn farts scrub made by The Little Bubble. If you know someone who loves unicorns and needs a little pampering (and maybe a laugh), this is a perfect gift! The maker, 14-year-old Bella, also has other "unicorn farts" products including a bath bomb, room spray, and a gift set.

Price: $12.00


For the Littlest Geeks

Do you have a little geekling on your Christmas list? These creative play masks from Craftie Caitie are sure to inspire imaginative play! Kids will have a blast running around as their favorite Pokemon, super hero, or animal. Caitie has a great variety to choose from!

Price: $8.75


For the Lovecraftian

Need a gift for a follower of Cthulhu? This Cthulhu decoration can be added to a wreath or a Christmas tree for the quirkiest Christmas decor that will definitely make an impression! Love the idea, but not into Cthulhu? The makers, mother-daughter duo Nell and Kelly, also make other Christmas decor items such as Toothless the dragon, Harry Potter, and more! In their shop you can also find cute play masks, keychains, and even tic tac toe games.

Price: $25.00


Looking for more geeky gift ideas? Dorky Dino has you covered! Shop here!

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