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Free Conventions to Attend From Home

Updated: May 8

With many conventions and events rescheduling or canceling, a lot of vendors and artists are losing expected income for the coming months. This can be a huge challenge for a small business! It's also frustrating for cosplayers, crafters, and others who have worked hard and planned to be able to show their finished products, as well as attendees who planned to buy gifts, attend panels, or enjoy art. Thankfully, some wonderful people are getting together to create virtual conventions that you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Convention Prime

ConventionPrime is a website that was created as a hub for creators affected by cancelled and rescheduled conventions. The goal is to help pop culture consumers find and support independent artists and creators, outside of the usual convention exhibition floors and artist alleys.

Entrepreneur Alley

To help out entrepreneurs, Tasty Peach Studios is showcasing artists and vendors who have been affected by cancelled conventions and events.


Cosplay for Hope is hosting a virtual pop-up convention called Hope-Con! They are sharing cosplays, artists, crafters, and exhibitors on their Facebook page. They also routinely post mental health tips, self-care, and coping skills.


Concellation is the convention that was cancelled before it could even be announced! An event that started out as a gag, this Facebook Group has surpassed 30k members who connect over their geeky interests and live the con life. They even have multiple groups for different sections of the event: Art Show Dealer's Room



MochiCon takes place on Discord May 9th and 10th and will include panels, a cosplay contest, special guests, karaoke, artists, vendors, and fandom chats. The invitation link will be posted April 30th, so follow the official Instagram page to get the link when it is released.

Virtual Pop Expo

Virtual Pop Expo is an integrated online fan experience taking place May 9th and 10th. It will feature exciting panels, Q&A’s and celebrity appearances, as well as interactive gaming rooms, online happy hours, and a cosplay “ball.” An event centerpiece will be a virtual exhibitor floor featuring more than one hundred exhibitors, and vendors offering the hottest merchandise typically found at well-known cons.

Virtual Artist Alley | Cancelled Convention Sale

This Facebook group was created to help artists and shoppers connect as conventions are being canceled all around the world. The group has nearly 8k members and around 250 posts per day! Perfect for anyone looking to buy, or artists looking to sell.

Manga Con

Manga Con is a manga-centric convention taking place on Discord May 15-17. There will be an artist alley, art contest, masquerade, special guests, panels, and exhibitors.




SATcon takes place June 13th and 14th on Discord. The convention features an artist alley, cosplay cavern, writer's wing, games with prizes, and chats for various fandoms.

Were there any virtual conventions I missed? Let me know! I plan to update the list regularly to keep it accurate, so keep checking back for more convention news.

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