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Why This Artist Refuses to Participate in NFTs

You have probably seen a lot of talk about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the art world lately. I've been asked multiple times by both legitimate art lovers and scammers alike if I would start selling NFTs and I'd like to publish my definitive answer: Absolutely not.

Support Artists NOT NFTs

I've compiled a list of reasons I don't support NFTs. It's not all bad news, though! I have also included how you can support the arts instead, and what the direct benefits are.

Why Shouldn't You Support NFTs:
  • NFTs are bad for the environment. (Read about the impact here.)

  • NFTs are tied to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • They are often algorithmically generated.

  • Buying an NFT is not always supporting the original artist.

  • Shell companies can buy art and use it purely as a financial asset to shield money from tax bills or even launder it.

  • The "art" can be generated by computers instead of made by artists.

  • People can make NFTs out of images they did not create, or impersonate artists.

  • Facilitates art theft more-so than preventing it because people can steal art and turn it into an NFT.

  • Due to the copyright gray area, people can turn pictures of other people's bodies into NFTs, which is a consent issue.

  • Primarily benefits people who are already rich.

  • You don't own anything physical.

  • Owning an NFT does not always legally grant copyright or intellectual property rights. It also does not restrict the sharing or copying of the digital file.

  • Fees are so high for sellers, on average artists are losing money.

  • Operates similar to Ponzi schemes.

  • NFTs have been used in art scams.

  • Grifters are mass-messaging artists to scam them out of money.

Want to actually be a patron of the arts and support artists? Buy commissions, art prints, original works, and high-res downloads directly from the artists you love.

What Happens When You Buy Commissions, Art Prints, Originals, etc.:
  • Directly supports artists.

  • You can commission anything you want.

  • Does not benefit corporations.

  • Makes both the artist and you happy (or whoever you gift it to)!

  • You actually own the physical art.

  • Your art collection can grow in value.

  • You receive a more personal experience.

  • You can get something truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • You are helping create jobs and supporting entrepreneurship.

  • Small businesses/artists are more likely to also shop small, starting a cycle.

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