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The Process of Making My Biggest Painting Yet

Aside from Dorky Dino and being a mom, I also work full time as a graphic designer at a company called PrintLynx. They recently moved into a new building and wanted to add wall art to their lobby that would match their aesthetic and brand. I was honored when they asked me to do a painting for it!

Biggest painting to date

They wanted an abstract piece in their brand colors that somehow worked in part of the logo. I came up with a digital rough draft and they loved my idea. To fit in the space and make a statement, it had to be big. Very big. I got a canvas that was 72" by 36", which is the biggest painting I've ever done!

Here is a video showing my painting process:

The band Lindby was kind enough to allow me to use their song "Simple As That" for my video. They are a great group of people with some really unique and fun music. You can here more at their Bandcamp and their Website.

Here is the finished painting in the front lobby at PrintLynx:

Abstract Office Art

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